You can't be caught without a strategy to grow your practice and measure results properly. 2020 has caused doctors to face the biggest challenges we have ever seen in our lifetime.

What you need is:

  • Less Chaos, More Organization.

  • Less Stress, More Happiness.

  • Growth in Revenue and Profits.

Documents, Checklists, and Workflows Included.

More than just videos and simple advice. Each training program includes documentation and workflows that you can follow, as well as interactive quizzes to test your progress and knowledge.

  • PDF Documentation to help walk you through the processes and systems laid out for your practice.

  • Interactive questions and discussions paired with each lesson to help you learn and discuss at a deeper level.

  • Checklists and workflows provided for you to implement for reoccurring tasks, reviews, and more.

Wondering Where to Get Started?

STEP 1: Book your complimentary coaching call with Dr. Taj Haynes when you purchase "Value Based Selling" for just $97 today.

Purchase the training here and book your complimentary training call with Dr. Taj Haynes to discuss your goals.

Meet Your Instructor

Dentistry Practitioner & Senior Instructor

Dr. Taj Haynes DMD

Dr. Taj Haynes, DMD is an accomplished Dentistry Practitioner in Concord, NC with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has attained Fortune 500 business experience which led him to running his 7 figure practice. He is a Fellow in the International Dental Association and has been featured in Charlotte Today on NBC and many other major publications.

or - When You Purchase the 'Complete' Bundle...

You'll Receive Access to Dr. Haynes DMD's Entire Suite of Products & Training.

  • Value Based Selling

    You'll receive access to sales training and questions to help identify what values are important to your patient when it comes to their smile, teeth, and mouth..

  • EPIC Power Conversations

    You will also receive access to Dr. Haynes' "EPIC" Framework for having effective conversations with patients to maximize revenue and provide the best results.

  • Mindset Mastery

    You will get access to Dr. Haynes' mindset training to help you gain and retain the confidence needed to make high stakes decisions and stay on the path to success.

Stop Being a Manager, and Become the Leader of Your Practice.

Learn to empower and grow your team, as well as your bottom line.

Not Ready for 7 Figures?

Download the FREE PDF: Handling Patient Price Objections

This PDF will focus specifically on overcoming an objection to price. A seven figure practice does not waver on price due to confidence in the value and quality of the product and/or procedure that is being offered. The following outlines a conversation between a practice owner and a potential/existing client.